Silverman, Helaine.

The Nasca Helaine Silverman and Donald Proulx. - Malden, Mass. Oxford Blackwell 2002 - xix, 339 p. il., mapas 23 cm. - The peoples of America .

Contenido: From pots to people -- Emergence and evolution of the Nasca ceramic tradition -- Life in the desert -- We, the Nasca -- The inhabited landscape -- Symbolic expressions of the natural and supernatural world -- The geoglyphs of the Rio Grande de Nasca drainage -- Religion and ritual -- Headhunting and warfare -- Nasca sociopolitical organization -- After Nasca.

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Cultura Nazca
Cerámica peruana (Nazca)

Lineas de Nazca, Sitio (Ica, Perú)
Nazca, Ica (Perú : Provincia)--Antigüedades

Cultura Nazca. Nazca (Perú) Historia.

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